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Price Calculator

Instant Price Calculator - calculate how much our books cost without any obligation to purchase.

Our company is able to provide simple and flexible service for custom-made or limited edition book orders at a price that is substantially cheaper than other editing or publishing companies are able to offer.

With the help of our Price Calculator you will instantly see how much the preparation of your book will cost. Change the selections in the below boxes to see prices for different choices.

Fill out our Price Calculator question boxes to get a price quote without any obligation to purchase and print it out for your reference. When you are ready to order you can submit it to us on-line. We accept payments made by all major credit cards or through PayPal.
The quoted price includes complete graphic design and editing services, printing and binding. Don't forget we don't charge extra for shipping and handling for orders mailed to the countries of the European Union, the United States and Canada.
If you have special requests; please, contact us through e-mail.

Type of bookinformáció

If your book cannot be filed under any of the above categories, choose the one that is closest to your concept. Write down your special instructions at the end of the Price Calculator page in the "Short description of the book" box


Choose the book size you want to get a quote for. If you want a special size choose the one that is closest to the desired size. Write down your special size request at the end of the Price Calculator page in the "Short description of the book" box.

Number of copiesinformáció

With the help of our Price Calculator we can give you a quote up to 20 copies. If you need more then 20 copies, please, request special price quote in an e-mail to

Number of pagesinformáció

No. of pages (approximately)
Approximately how many pages do you want to see in your book? Final number of pages will be defined by the design layout. An approximate number of expected pages will be sufficient to provide you an accurate price quote.

Color printinginformáció

No. of pages (approximately)
Approximately how many pages will be color printed in the book? In case you don't want any color printing, please, enter 0 in the box.

Number of picturesinformáció

No. of pictures (approximately)
Approximately how many pictures do you want to include in the book?
Hardcovers are usually constructed from a 2 mm (approx. 1/16") thick cardboard. This will be professionally bound in the material of your choice from the above list.

Binding materialinformáció

What kind of paper would you like choose for your book?

Paper selectioninformáció

The kind of book pages

The quoted price contains the price with all applicable taxes and fees included for picture editing (including color correction), cover design, page editing and layout design, printing and binding, shipping and handling (to the EU, US and Canada).

The calculated price can be adjusted by changing your selections in the above boxes.

If the price of your order exceeds 100 USD you will also receive a UnicBook Gift  információ Certificate in the value of 15 USD. The certificate can be applied towards your next purchase on or can be gifted to someone else (transferable).


Your order is expected to be fulfilled on the following date:24. Jul. 2024.
Please take into account that this date not contains the delivery time. The delivery time within EU approximately 3-5 working days, to the USA 6-8 working days

If the above selections are not suitable to calculate a price quote for your custom book, send us an e-mail.

Within a few hours after you place your order we will contact you to discuss further in detail the concept of your book. We will ask you to tell us more about the desired style, color world, look and feel etc. of the book and any other special requests you may have.