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Review our idea pages for more inspiration! You will find great gift ideas, useful tips to make your own book a reality.

How to make a 200-year-old book?

Custom-Handmade Book

To create the look and feel of an old book we offer hand-dipped paper!

In this section we share with you the 6 secrets of making an antique looking book. The result is guaranteed. The book will be inimitably beautiful and antique looking.

Illustrated books made super-fast


You just can’t put this book down! 

Is the making of a custom-made illustrated book a lengthy complicated and expensive process? Not at all!

We have created a language workbook for kindergarteners as a response to the request of a language school. In this section we will show you all the steps involved in the making of this book from idea to full production that we had to fulfill in only 5 days.

How to collect material for my book?

Edited bookWe offer help with the collection of all necessary pictures, texts, with their sorting and preparationfor design and editing.

Do you want a custom made book but you find your available picture and text material insufficient? Do you have too much material and you could use a second pair of eyes to sort them?
In this section we show you how to assemble raw material that supports the structure of the book best. We collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients and the below answers may be a great help to you as well.

Why choose genuine leather binding?

Genuine leather binding


Did you know that a book, bound in genuine leather barely ages for 200 years?

Paper, suede and canvas binding ages during this long of a time period but genuine leather stays forever young. This time resisting quality however is not the only advantage to leather binding. Read our summary below.

Book ideas for Mothers’ Day

mother's dayWe are still looking for a Mother or Grandmother who would not be happy to receive a photo-book about her children and grandchildren.

Since we still have not found one we can say with full confidence that it is a perfect gift for Mothers’ Day. In addition, check out the below 6 gift ideas that will bedazzle your mother!

Cookbook from recipe-scraps

Custom coocbookDo you have a lot of great recipes but have a hard time finding the one you need because they are all on scraps and leaf notes?

A good housewife collects many time-tested, great recipes from her family and acquaintances during the years. Those of us, more organized in nature, copy or paste them into a notebook. Most of us however who have less time will just stick it between the pages of a cookbook or stick it on the fridge with a magnet.

We offer a better solution!

Board-book editions for small children's use

Would you like a custom designed heavy paper or board edition book for the use of babies, infants, toddlers or small children?

"Finally a company that takes on this job. I started to give up looking and thought it was undoable", writes one of our clients who wanted to create a board-book for her young niece but nobody wanted to make it for her.

5 amazing gift ideas for Valentine’s day

This year stop giving teddy bears to your sweetheart!

Whether you met your lover only a month ago or you have been living together for 40 years you surely have common memories, common stories and common pictures. It is a special gift to hold in one hand the story of two people.

Edit your blog into a book!

How to make a web-diary last?

A blog is really a book being written in front of the public eye in reverse time order. Why couldn’t this product of the moment be turned into a real physical book that lasts?

Pictures and writings to be found on the World Wide Web have a short life span and their content is changing continuously, at times they expand than some of their parts disappear. If you want to save your writings, pictures contained in your blog for times to come, edit them into a book!

Photo restoration, picture touch-ups

Picture magic, visual lies

Your teeth look less white than you would like them to be? Some of your photos are wrinkled? Colors are faded? You don’t like the background? You have red-eyes because of the flash you used? Wires of the camera accidentally hang into the picture space? No problem!

How can I organize and showcase my digital photographs?

 Custom photobookDon’t let them become forgotten!

It appears that ever since the introduction of digital photography we create a never before seen amount of pictures yet less of them become effective picture memories.  During a single vacation we make as many pictures as our grandparents during their entire lifetime. 
What do you do with your digital photographs?

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