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Illustrated books made super-fast


You just can’t put this book down! 

Is the making of a custom-made illustrated book a lengthy complicated and expensive process? Not at all!

We have created a language workbook for kindergarteners as a response to the request of a language school. In this section we will show you all the steps involved in the making of this book from idea to full production that we had to fulfill in only 5 days.

The language school provided the exercises to usfrontpage-backpage

Our Client prepared the language exercises and asked us to make the workbook more colorful and more appealing to children.

Front and back cover design

One of our graphic artists, sketched and e-mailed two different cover design ideas within a few minutes. Our Client chose the one more appealing to them. From this sketch a colorful front and back cover design was developed.

  frame designsFrame designs on all pages

  We wanted to create a frame design that tells a different children’s' tale on each page. We left them uncolored so that the kids can color them, as they like. The color outside the line-art marks the chapters; all six chapters were assigned their individual, contrasting color.

     Special page numbers  page numbers

On each page of the book the page number is held by a special cartoon figure. Our graphic artist was allowed to use his creativity freely in designing this detail.


The workbook contained five different types of exercises. We designed a separate icon for each category to help the children separate the different type of tasks involved as well.

Illustrated exercisesillustrated excersises

For the majority of the exercises we received photographs from the school to use, for some of them our graphic artist made cartoon drawings.

Layout deign

Our page editor laid out the drawings and exercises into exciting book pages and sent it over to our Client for a review.

Sample copy

After the approval of the layout design we printed a sample copy within a day. It was shown to the parents of the students the following day.  Thus, we were able to create a workbook that keeps the attention of the children alive within only five days from idea to finish.

SamplePrinting and binding

Six days later we had the 10 ordered copies ready so that the children could start using them by the time the language course had started.



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Special page numbers


 Special page numbers

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