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Edit your blog into a book!

How to make a web-diary last?

A blog is really a book being written in front of the public eye in reverse time order. Why couldn’t this product of the moment be turned into a real physical book that lasts?

Pictures and writings to be found on the World Wide Web have a short life span and their content is changing continuously, at times they expand than some of their parts disappear. If you want to save your writings, pictures contained in your blog for times to come, edit them into a book!

Ideas for publishing blog content

• My own blog
A book summarizing the content of your own blog is a special gift for your friends and family. This book will preserve your intellectual product for generations to come. An added advantage to a book is that those, not familiar with the use of internet-blogs can also access and read it even in the case of a power-out.

• A blog of my friend or relative
Do you have someone close to you who writes a blog? Surprise them by publishing their blog in a book even if the edition is as limited as a single copy.

• A blog I enjoy and read
If a blog is very interesting and useful to you it is possible to safeguard the information within and show appreciation to its content in form of a book edition.

• A blog that interests my significant other
You can give a gift of a book with the content of a single blog or a combination of several blogs. In this case however you need to consider applicable copyright and privacy laws and ethics.

• E-mails
Nowadays it is hard to find a real hand-written letter. Electronic correspondence does not need to be forgotten and lost. It can be easily preserved and given a more appealing appearance. Additional photos, pictures and writings, edited together with them in a book, can enhance them.Blog

• MSN, Skype conversations
A chat can also be saved in a book. By adding photos and pictures to it you can create a special gift for your conversation partner and make a heartwarming memorabilia for times to come.

What is needed for the preparation of a blog-book?

• Reversed timeline
Web diaries are usually written in a reverse time order. Pictures and writings posted latest are shown at the top. It is worth to change the order of posts back, according to real timeline, as traditional books are read from beginning to end.

• Texts and pictures
To submit the material simply copy all texts and pictures into a word document without any formatting. It is part of our job to re-format and edit the text. Save all pictures however in their original, higher resolution format and name them as labeled in the text body or in the order they will appear to help our graphic designers and page editors to know where exactly you want to see your pictures.

• Selection
Get rid of less important parts, edit down to make the length of content more appropriate for printed book format.

• Create a Table of Content if it makes sense
The appropriate counterpart of a web search engine in a traditional book is the content page. Collect the titles of your posts or create them if necessary. You do not need to guess the page numbers where the tiles appear. Page numbers will be finalized after layout design and page editing.

• The rest is our job
Send us the reviewed texts, pictures and List of Contents. We will discuss the style, look and feel and desired format of your book with you. The rest of the work is our job. You will receive sample pages shortly after placing your order to show design direction for the pages. After your approval of the page design the complete book will be edited and sent to you in pdf format. When you are completely satisfied with the design we start production.

Your blog is still active and growing?
Your new posts and writings can become part of the next volume..

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