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Board-book editions for small children's use

Would you like a custom designed heavy paper or board edition book for the use of babies, infants, toddlers or small children?

"Finally a company that takes on this job. I started to give up looking and thought it was undoable", writes one of our clients who wanted to create a board-book for her young niece but nobody wanted to make it for her.

It is not impossible to make – on the contrary!

We design and print the pages. All sheets get plastic foil surface protection. The sheets are then glued to a 1.5 mm  (1/16”) thick board. These boards are bound to each other with canvas. In stores, recently, we almost exclusively see board-books sold with a construction where pages are bound together by only the thin paper layer that is also used as the printing surface.

Our board books are very durable and strain resistant because its pages are held together by canvas. These books are childproof and will survive hot chocolate baths, castle building games and being throwing around, unharmed.

Fanfold bindingFanfold binding - also  good for castle building games

Alternating the sides where the pages are joined makes this accordion shaped book, also called fanfold or zig-zag. It can be opened into one long piece or folded in a fan shape and stood on its side as shown.

Turn-page format - this resembles books made for adults

Pages of this book can be turned just as the pages of traditional books but the pages are extra thick boards. The book spine is protected with canvas from damages

Children's bookOur own book

When my daughter turned one-year-old she received a book from me. Each page has shown a family member one-by-one. She was screaming with laughter as she recognized the portraits of individual family members, house pets and herself and learned their names very quickly. Since then all one-year-olds in my family and acquaintance receive a book like that... 

Good ideaIdeas for kids that worked

• a small boy received a book about himself
• a little older child enjoyed a playful question-and-answer book
• a mother has written a short tale about her daughter
• we had someone had a book made from their own stories for a friend.

Don’t wait!

This is a true gift. Order your own custom-made board-book!

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