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Cookbook from recipe-scraps

Custom coocbookDo you have a lot of great recipes but have a hard time finding the one you need because they are all on scraps and leaf notes?

A good housewife collects many time-tested, great recipes from her family and acquaintances during the years. Those of us, more organized in nature, copy or paste them into a notebook. Most of us however who have less time will just stick it between the pages of a cookbook or stick it on the fridge with a magnet.

We offer a better solution!

Steal her recipes!Steal her recipes

One of our favorite clients simply stole her wife’s recipes before Christmas. Secretly, he photographed them, typed them down and organized them at his work on a computer than he had us make a cookbook. His wife was overwhelmed with joy and surprise.

Grandma' makes it best!Grandma’ makes it best!

Another one of our clients decided to write down his grandmother’s recipes. He gave us photographs of the grandmother and hired us to design and make three copies of the authentic leather-bound, old-fashioned, antique looking, beautiful and easy-to-read book full of cake recipes. The books were given to the three daughters of the grandmother. This way all three families of the following generation could preserve grandmother’s traditional recipes. 

A lovers’ cookbook

A girl whose life revolves around cooking and baking hired us to make a cookbook containing her recipes. She added their love correspondence with her boyfriend and short notes of her notions. 

A picture is worth a thousand wordsA picture is worth a thousand words

A lovely couple collected all cake and pickle-making recipes of the man’s mother. They organized them and collected pictures for illustration from the Internet. We created a nice, color printed, easy-to-follow book, using the submitted material.

Everyone gets their own

A smart mother had us made a book from her own recipes in 16 copies. With this great idea she resolved the majority of the problem of finding the right Christmas gift for all. Her entire family, all of her friends and co-workers received a copy. Adding the name of the recipient and using their favorite color personalized the copies. 

Book recipes -A beauty and the beast :)
– ideas to make your cookbook more personal

• we can illustrate the book with
• family pictures
• quotations
• tales, family stories
• our company artists can draw pretty or funny pictures to illustrate the book or its cover
• we can add photographs taken during food preparation

Collecting new recipes never ends...

At the end of a cookbook we can add a few empty pages for notes about new recipe acquisitions. We can insert heading, pictures or drawings, page numbering or lines to aid handwriting. If these pages are full you are ready to order your next volume.

Collect your recipe-scraps and we will make a unique, custom-made cookbook for You

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